Top Upcoming smartphones Sep (2020)
Top Upcoming smartphones sep(2020)

Top Upcoming smartphones Sep (2020)

today we are going to be talking about some of the upcoming smartphones that we are most excited for

so for this list, we are including phones that are that aren’t available for purchase yet so devices like the pixel 4a or the redmi k30 ultra which while exciting they have been out in some markets for a while and we’ve discussed them in detail so I’m not going to talk about them again today so with that said let’s start off with the usual last quarter suspects

Iphone 12

the new iPhones now the biggest rumor surrounding the iPhone 12s is that this time around we are expecting a huge design change from apple now a lot of leaks have pointed towards apple going for a glass sandwich design with a metal frame holding it together kind of like the new iPad Pro 2020 and well pretty much similar to all other flagship phones out there but then there’s also a separate leak that suggests we may get smaller notches in the iPhone 12s thanks to a new and improved true depth camera system

not only that the camera module to the back might get a lidar scanner again similar to what we’ve seen with the new iPad pro these devices are also expected to come with the new apple a14 bionic chips and include 5g capability making them the first iPhones with 5g on top of that the larger iPhones also expected to get a 120-hertz AMOLED panel which leads us to the three rumored sizes the smallest ones to be just 5.4 inches interestingly that would make it one of the smallest iPhones to have been released in recent years

I mean powering the iPhone sc 2020 of course now we might also be getting a 6.7-inch iPhone which would make it the largest iPhone till date

so overall lots of interesting rumors on the new series of iPhones, unfortunately, it looks like Apple is facing some supply chain issues as admitted by themselves so this might lead to significant delays especially for the pro models so temper your expectations folks and maybe take a look at what’s on the other side

Google Pixel 5

so let’s start off with the new google pixel 5. rumors seem to suggest that for 2020 google might skip on the supersized version of the flagship and just stick to the regular old pixel with all other OEMs launching ultra and pro variants the google pixel 5 would be a refreshing flagship if that indeed turns out to be true design wise we are expecting the Pixel 5 to look uh similar to the pixel 4 and like the iPhones the pixel 5 should also come with 5g support

that being said the internals might be the biggest shocker now when I say flagships I’m sure most of us are thinking of the 800 series Qualcomm snapdragon processors top-of-the-line performance right but this time it seems like the pixel series may bug that trend and google might instead opt for a 7 series processor like the 765 765g or even the 768g

surprisingly the leak’s point towards the other specs being quite a high end so we might see the pixel 5 retain the IP rating come with six-plus gigs of RAM and have 128 gigs of fast onboard storage we are also expecting a higher capacity battery along with a 120-hertz panel now other than the soc the most interesting part of the pixel 5 might just be that leaked price tag at around $649 or 50000 rupees converted it’s still a little expensive especially if google’s skimping out on the flagship specs

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

we have this year’s foldable and let’s start with the z-fold two this comes with some major improvements structure-wise we have a newly redesigned hinge with the phone borrowing design cues heavily from the s20 ultra and the note 20 series the optics here are a mystery they remain so as of now all we do know is that Samsung has done away with a notch for the selfie camera and we now have a hole punch even for the bigger 7.6 inches 120-hertz foldable panel

flipping it shut we can see that the screen on top is substantially larger at 6.23 inches which means we can use the z-fold too as a phone quite easily without always having to unfold it to the tablet mode as for the internals we are expecting the very high-end snapdragon 865 plus 12 gigs of RAM 256 gigs of onboard storage we’re also looking at at least the 4500mah battery with support for fast charging for confirmation on everything here we’re gonna have to wait till the 2nd of September which is not all that far away

Microsoft Phone

and the next phone on this list it’s a little bit strange the surface duo from Microsoft so why is it strange well first off it’s from Microsoft and they haven’t made a phone in years then just the fact that the specs are a little dated for example it’s called the snapdragon 855 chip but then we have dual AMOLED panels on the inside that expands into an 8.1-inch tablet running android well-closed we can operate the surface duo through the 5.6-inch panel up top also AMOLED by the way

remember this is not a foldable display but there are two screens instead kind of like uh LG’s v60 implementation but this it is a surface device so it comes with a surface pen and I guess I’m curious to see what Microsoft can bring to this form factor the surface duo seems more like a prototype though than an actual device that actual retail device but nevertheless I am kinda excited for it

Asus Zenfone 7 or 7Z

now moving on to the final flagship on our list the Asus zenfone 7 or 7z, I mean that is what it was when I wrote this but it’s recently been confirmed to be the zenfone 7 that’s what the latest uh leaks indicate last year the 6z managed to deliver a very compelling flagship experience in what I’d call a budget flagship price point and they had those very interesting swivel cameras on there too

so I’m definitely excited to see what they’ve been cooking up for us uh this time around first off flip out cameras are supposed to be making a return uh and we are to get the expected speed bump but rumors seem to point towards the snapdragon 865 and not the 865 plus that we’ve seen with the rog phone 3. other leaks point towards the LCD panel being retained and a 60-hertz refresh, not a higher refresh rate that’s the latest round of rumors

now with the Taiwan launch scheduled for August 26th yes that’s just next week uh we are gonna know all the details of the seven pretty soon

Poco c3

now with so many phones being launched especially in the budget segment it’s gonna get really difficult to be hyped up or excited about any of the budget segment phones, after all, a lot of them these days are just rebranded of each other and well it looks like that trend is all set to continue with the poco c3 the poco c3 is basically a rebranded redmi 9c and it should be coming to India pretty soon now the reason a reason I’m including this in the top upcoming smartphones list is because this should mark Poco’s entry into the sub 10k segment

and I’m excited to see how that is gonna shape up especially against the redmi nine prime as for specs the poco c3 might come with a MediaTek g35 chipset which would be powering a 6.53 inch HD plus panel uh and that would there is supposed to be a 5000mah battery along alongside a triple camera setup

Realme 7 & 7 Pro

on the realme front we are looking at two new launches the realme seven and seven pro they are expected to launch real soon now we don’t really know a lot about these two phones but it seems like we might finally be getting AMOLED panels on these phones uh so they’re also supposed to have quad-camera setups with the primary camera being a 64-megapixel sensor that being said the most impressive leak thus far has been about their charging speeds both are expected to have support for 65-watt fast charging which for the sub 20k category is pretty insane

they’ve also been tipped to have larger batteries inside 4300 for the 7 and 4500 mah for the 7 pro

Samsung M41

now we can’t really mention larger batteries and skip over the Samsung m41 according to leaks this new entry into the m series is supposed to be carrying an absolutely massive 6800 milliamp-hour battery honestly I have no idea how heavy this phone is going to be if leaks indeed turn out to be true in fact there are certain other leaks pointing towards 7000 milliamp-hour, uh but hey I can’t wait to find out, either way, details on the rest of the specs are hard to come by but going by the naming scheme I’m inclined to believe that this would support slightly better internals and optics than the m31s that was launched earlier this month and I’m hoping that Samsung would price it under 25k

and with that, we get to the end of this list these are the top phones that we are looking forward to in the near future now, of course, uh with so many phones being launched we are bound to have missed out on some of the upcoming launches so if you so if I’ve not included your favorite phone that you know the one that you are looking forward to the most drop a comment down below and let me know

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