Samsung-galaxy-unpacked event 2020: products-recap
samsung-galaxy-unpacked event 2020_ products-recap

Samsung-galaxy-unpacked event 2020: products-recap

samsung galaxy unpacked event where they launched two notes the galaxy tab S7, the galaxy buds live, the galaxy watch 3 and of course the galaxy Z-fold 2. yeah that’s a lot of information to unpack pun intended so let’s get started

Samsung glaxy Z-fold 2

first off the galaxy Z Fold 2. I am really excited about this one and there’s been a lot of changes starting with the name yep like the z-flip and z-flip 5g the second-generation foldable is being called the Z-fold 2.

it’s also now got a bigger 6.2-inch OLED screen on the front so no more struggling to type on a tiny 4.6-inch screen the z-fold 2 looks just like a regular flagship and can be used as one when it’s folded

what’s more Samsung says they’re putting a lot of work into re-engineering the hinges here so the new z-fold 2 should close much more like a laptop and not leave a sizable gap near the hinge region now the first galaxy phone ran into a ton of issues thanks to the fragile screen covered by a plastic layer well Samsung is now moving on to UTG that’s ultra-thin glass thinner than a human hair so basically the same type of display construction that we have seen with the galaxy z flip Samsung has also worked on making sure we can prop up the hinge in different positions kind of like making it like a mini laptop of sorts this is called flex mode and something we already have with the galaxy z flip

the new redesign hinge also comes with what Samsung is calling a sweeper elastic bristles that should help flush out the dust and debris from getting inside the z-fold too unfolded we have a host of new changes here

the first one being that there is no ugly notch to the right side anymore Samsung has brought their infinity O displays to their Z-Fold 2 making it more immersive than ever before and they have gone all out this 7.6 inches foldable AMOLED panel is actually running at 120 hertz

on the software side we can also expect better support for split-screen apps in the future now speaking of internals we only know that it is running on top of the line snapdragon 865

as far as battery life goes we have a slightly larger 4500mah battery in a thinner six-millimeter chassis that’s quite a feat of engineering now that’s all we know of the galaxy Z-Fold 2 at the moment more will be revealed on another event on the 1st of september

, for now, we can only speculate on the cameras and the price from the looks of it I’m guessing the camera setup here might be the same as the note 20 ultra including the 10-megapixel selfie camera on the inside now we’ll come to the cameras when we speak about the new notes for now let’s wrap up the z fold 2 with a look at the two color options there’s even a special edition that’s created by leading fashion designer tom brownie

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra

okay so like last year this year as well we have two galaxy note the regular galaxy note 20 and the galaxy note 20 ultra well by now most of you guys would probably know what the basic specs are so I’m not gonna go into those in detail instead I’m gonna focus on what’s new and what’s changed

so first off the new smaller note 20 has a plastic back comes in three matte colors mystic green, mystic bronze, and mystic green, the note 20 ultra is still a glass sandwich design protected by corning’s gorilla glass victus and held together by a stainless steel frame

the main point here is that victus is supposed to be stronger and more scratch-resistant compared to gorilla glass 6. as for colors we have the mystic bronze in a matte finish and then mystic white and black which are two reflective sheets

as for the displays the note 20 like the note 10 has a flat full HD plus AMOLED panel it’s quite a bit bigger though at 6.7 inches, unfortunately, it’s still at 60 hertz that’s kind of a bummer

the note 20 ultra has a larger 6.9-inch qhd plus AMOLED display comes with the curved panel and it’s also got the higher 120hz refresh rate, unfortunately, Samsung still doesn’t let us switch to the higher refresh rate at the highest resolution

both phones have a center punch hole that holds the 10-megapixel selfie shooter the internals are as expected top of the line snapdragon 865 plus for the US, Exynos 990 for the rest of the world the note 20 pairs that with 8 gigs of RAM the note 20 ultra bombs that up to 12 both have 128 gig variants with the ultra offering a higher variant with half a terabyte of storage and if that’s not enough storage the ultra comes with a hybrid sim slot so there’s room for a micro sd card in there as well

the regular note 20 though comes with a run-of-the-mill dual sim slot on the battery front we have a 4300 milliamp-hour unit on the note 4500 mAH on the note 20 ultra we have all the regular bells and whistles like fast charging wireless charging and reverse wireless charging

speaking of belts and whistles the s pen has moved spots it now stays on the left-hand side of the device the new S pen also comes with improved touch sensitivity and interestingly it seems like the one on the note 20 ultra is more sensitive than the one on the note 20. both though are an upgrade from the previous generation note 10.

now we have more air gestures included into the mix and now Samsung lets us perform them from as far as across the room no idea why that would be something necessary but hey it’s there we also have wireless decks which are pretty cool and then there’s Xbox game pass ultimate bundle which lets us use those powerful processes to stream Xbox games onto the new generation of note devices

moving on to the cameras next the note 20 ultra has a similar setup to the galaxy s20 ultra but now the 108-megapixel primary camera has laser autofocus to mitigate some of the focus hunting issues on the s20 ultra we have a 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor and a 12-megapixel periscope zoom camera that can capture up to 5x optical and 50x digital zoom

as for the note 20 well the camera setup here is similar to that of the s20 and s20 plus starting to see a pattern here I am at least anyway so what we have is a 12 megapixel primary 12 megapixel ultrawide and finally a 64-megapixel telephoto that can do 3x optical zoom

let’s then get to the prices these are US prices, of course, the note 20 will retail for $999.99 that’s about 75000 rupees in Indian currency and the note 20 ultra will retail for $1299.99 which converts to just under a lakh, yeah these phones are gonna be pricey

Samsung galaxy tab

along with that Samsung has also announced the galaxy tab s7 the standout features here are at least for me the 120 hertz display the s pen support as well as 5g

samsung glaxy buds live

we also have the galaxy birds light these ones come with ANC that’s active noise canceling and honestly they look so unusual kind of like a kidney or a bean I don’t know I really want to check these ones out also they’re supposed to have this new sort of noise cancellation where it would block out lower frequencies but also allow higher ones to pass through again a lot of interesting tech here

samsung watch

you also have the galaxy watch three they are thinner and lighter than the previous generation watch and can pair with the galaxy buds like they also work on the Tizen platform, not android wear

okay so i guess that about covers everything guys

thank u

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