realme narzo 10
Realme Narzo 10 full review

realme narzo 10

realme had released their narzo series with an idea of bringing affordable performance focus smartphones into the Indian market well how has a newly released realme narzo 10 feared in that regard let’s find out in today’s review

so what makes a fast smartphone well there’s two sides to it, of course, we have the hardware the CPU the RAM the internal storage and all that but we also have the software and that plays a very important role in bringing all these hardware components together since the narzo 10 is supposed to be a performance focus mide ranger we decided this was the best place to kick off the review

Performance and others features

powering the Narzo 10 is a MediaTek helio G80 chipset now this chipset from media that is a middle of the line offering that slots right in between the G70 that we have seen on the realme C3 and the G90T on the realme 6 performance vice the narzo 10 is at a similar level to the realme 5 pro so basically the snapdragon counterpart to the MediaTek g80 is the 712

now benchmarks aside how does it perform in real life well this is where things started to go wrong for the narzo 10 my review unit for some reason came riddled with bugs something as simple as making youtube fullscreen would refuse to work at times the touch response was flaky at best and at times it took a solid two to three seconds before the phone would respond to me pressing the power button to wake it up now to be fair realme did push out updates and while they did improve system stability a bit overall I felt like the Narzo 10a with the less powerful g70 ended up being the most stable performance especially in day to day tasks

the silver lining here is that it seems to be a software issue that hopefully realme can address so basically we think that it’s a lack of software optimization in here that’s holding the narzo 10 series back we have seen realme UI before on a lot of other phones it’s performed brilliantly on mid-range Hardware like on the realme x2 and the realme 6 so I don’t really know what went wrong with the narzo 10

now these bugs were an occasional occurrence but for the rest of the time the narzo 10 actually did pretty well the animations were smooth and I didn’t notice any lag either of course thanks to the EMC storage app opening times felt a little slow especially if we compare it to something like the ufs 2.1 storage that we have come to expect in phones of this range that being said we do have ample storage at 128 GB the 4GB of lpddr4 x RAM seems to handle multitasking pretty well so no app reloads on the narzo 10

we also have a dedicated microSD slot in here in case we need future storage expansion moving over to gaming and this is where the G80 with its dual-core mali g52 GPU gets to shine we tried out pubg balanced and ultra and the narzo 10 managed to handle it just fine there were a few frames dropped here and there but for the most part, the gameplay felt smooth and I didn’t have any problems aiming down sights or flicking around to hit enemies so as far as gaming on a budget goes the narzo 10 does pretty well we also have game space in here and that helps optimize the experience further so overall the performance here is ok
I’d have said that it’s great for the price except for the software hiccups that I faced


now one place where the narzo 10 does redeem itself is the battery life we have a 5000mAh battery in here and that lasted me around two days on a full charge pretty impressive we also have an 18-watt fast charger included in the box and that made getting quick top ups during the day fairly easy too despite cramping and such a big battery realme still managed to keep the weight of the narzo 10 under 200 grams at 9 millimeters then also time is a bit chunky where the design here is well balanced and it never felt top-heavy or like it would slip out of my hands while using it

Display And Built

okay so now what about the other aspects of the device well we have a 6.5 inch LCD panel in here covered by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 with a waterdrop notch up top realme calls this the mini drop full-screen display and while it does well with brightness and the colors the sharpness isn’t just there in this HD panel yep realme has gone with the HD Plus display in here instead of a full HD plus panel probably as a cost-cutting measure now we have had the iPhone SE 2020 in office for a few weeks now and I thought well if I didn’t mind the lower resolution display on that I probably won’t notice it much here either however the sub 300 PPI in here was really noticeable for me especially when browsing Reddit or watching Netflix overall the 6.5 inch LCD gets the job done but do you have better options out there in the same price range

speaking of which we have a full plastic built-in here with the back sporting a nice grippy textured finish that doesn’t really pick up fingerprints all that easy as for the design well it’s created by now to focus our and I quite like that green color that we have here we also have the narzo 10 in white the back pattern here resembles that of the realme x2 master addition that was released last year now designs are almost always personal preference but then in the midst of all these glossy reflective finishes the subtle and matte finish you’re definitely caught my eye

wrapping up the sundries we have a bottom-firing loudspeaker in here that gets decently loud sound through the 3.5 mm headphone jack is pretty good I like how bright it was and we also have an included equalizer in here that realme is calling real sound technology of course since this is realme UI based on Android 10 we also have dual-mode music in here

moving on to the biometrics we have a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner along with face unlock both of them work well no complaints


well finally it’s time we talk about optics we have a quad-camera set up to the back of the narzo 10 the primary beings is 48-megapixel snapper paired with an F 1.8 lens as expected pictures from the primary snapper come out looking great the snaps look sharp with appreciable details realme just tend to over saturate the blues and greens a bit but personally I think that adds a bit of color and pop to these images the dynamic range is pretty good and we even have chroma boost option in here

as for low-light shots this is where the narzo 10 struggles there’s dedicated night mode but images come out with washed-out colors and lots of noise but they are bright enough that we can usually make out the subject so okay for social media posts

as far as the ultra-wide cameras concerned this 8-megapixel snapper delivers decent looking pictures but the dynamic range can be a few hidden miss shadows don’t really have that much detail to them and we tend to have some highlight clipping as well moving on to the macro lens well this is what the 2-megapixel macro sensor manages to capture not the most detail shots but it can catch some interesting perspectives finally coming to the 2-megapixel black-and-white portrait sensor well edge dedication on rear portraits or what I would say is par for the course

turning it around for the 16-megapixel Selfie snapper we have bright-looking selfies that gets the colors and skin tones right the details though aren’t really there zooming in I can see there’s a lot of over sharpening going on coming to the selfie portraits the edge detection is all right but the dynamic range is lacking which can lead to or expose backgrounds

videos are in the strong suit of the narzo 10 either we can go up to 1080p 60fps video recording in here but there’s no option for 4k as for the footage it does look kind of grainy even though the colors look vibrant and the dynamic range is possible the lack of details doe means that the video captured in here is good only for the occasional social media share

pros and cons

so before is some of the narzo 10 let’s take a moment and see what the narzo 10 nails and what points it kind of misses

first one performance that’s good for gaming in the budget range but then the bugs and realme UI mean I can only give it an okay in this department

second display the 720p display just didn’t cut it for me

third battery life the narzo 10 really great battery life so this one gets a tick

fourth software and user experience not generally I like realme UI it’s got some really useful features like a dark mood three-finger screenshot and stuff like that so basically what this boils down to is that the narzo 10 is decent at a lot of things but then we have phones like the real me 5 pro realme 6 redmi note 8 and even the vivo u-20 that are in and around the same price point but do better than it in one or several of those factors that we mentioned above


so what’s the final verdict on the narzo 10 well I really like what you try to do here you’ll be creating an affordable smartphone for the budget-conscious mobile gamer but unfortunately this ain’t it there’s better options out there even if you’re under a strict budget of 12000 rupees let’s take the redmi note 8a or vivo u-20 for example or spend 2,000 rupees more and get the realme 6 that offers a lot more performance for very little extra money so that’s me my two cents on the narzo 10 now i wanna know what you guys think you like what realme has done here with a narzo 10 what do you think they have kind of lost their way a little bit let us know in the comments below

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