Realme 7 Pro Full Review
Realme 7 Pro full Review

Realme 7 Pro Full Review

realme 7 pro which has to be one of the most interesting smartphones that I’ve used off late I mean let’s face it the realme 6 pro that arrived earlier this year had some compromises but the realme 7 pro this brings, some great upgrades some nice changes and some really interesting features but also at a slightly higher price so the question is should you pay more should you buy this or say the poco x2 well I’ve been using this phone as my daily driver so let’s find out


so one of the biggest issues I have had with phones in this sub 20k price segment is the fact that they are all too big be it the poco x2 the Redmi note 9 pro max or even the realme 6 pro now compared to those phones I like the fact that the realme 7 pro is well handier

in my user there hasn’t been a day where I felt like the phone is too big or too heavy it’s very comfortable to use and it’s very important to put things into a little perspective here’s the dimensions and weight comparison of the realme 7 pro the poco x2 and the redmi note 9 pro max

now realme 7 pro is a little smaller than both of them and a lot lighter 182 grams honestly I could feel the difference in weight while I was using it now one bummer when it comes to the design is that it’s a plastic bag and next to the poco x2 and the realme 6 pro yes it does not look as fancy or premium but in my opinion it does not look cheap at all

the good thing here is that it’s a matte finish which looks and feels better than the glossy plastic I also like the blue color variant and this new split design apart from that there are the usual buttons the usual ports the dual sim plus micro sd dedicated slot and they don’t have any problems

two major upgarde

now apart from that, the design of the realme 7 pro brings two upgrades that you know make a lot of sense to me the display and the speakers so yep realme has finally heard us and after the x2 they are back with AMOLED panels

the realme 7 pro comes with a 6.4-inch super AMOLED display and this is great because this is a big upgrade over the IPS LCD panel on the realme 6 pro I mean this is AMOLED so it’s obviously very attractive with very deep blacks and punchy colors

as for versus the poco x2 the realme 7 pro display just looks more vibrant and more attractive, to be honest, the poco x2 display is a little brighter yeah but that’s not a huge difference look I think AMOLED is a great thing on the 7 pro I know the poco has the 120-hertz refresh rate but like I’ve said time and again AMOLED over LCD for me

so AMOLED on the realme 7 pro is nice and widevine l1 onboard Netflix shows and movies playing 1080p and they look great so it’s been mostly good but there’s one bug that I came across so when I started using this phone at night the screen would automatically get warm yellowish even with the eye comfort mode turned off

night mode issue

now this is a software issue, not a display issue because changing the time manually fixes this as you can see anyway so I went online to look for you know solutions to this issue and found that this has been an issue on realme phones as well and Samsung phones too with a bug bringing the night mode settings from the last phone you were using with no way to change that

now there are also some ADB solutions a solution with activity launch and different threads but nothing worked except for me hard resetting the phone and not signing in with my google account in the first set of track

so yeah that fixed it but this is quite a weird issue and I think this only affects people switching from stock android phones to you know this phone for example and I hope realme does something about it

fingerprint and faceunlock

anyway since it’s an AMOLED panel the fingerprint scanner has moved from the side to the front and that’s a good thing because the on-screen fingerprint scanner here is very fast so that’s nice

and not just the fingerprint scanner face unlock is pretty fast too like on every other realme phone so unlocking the phone is pretty smooth


now apart from AMOLED there’s one new design feature that I really really appreciate and that’s the inclusion of stereo speakers so basically you get a speaker at the top and one at the bottom and obviously the bottom speaker is a bit louder and more powerful but the top speaker isn’t too feeble or anything so that’s pretty good

the combined dual speakers are very loud and uh yeah you also get the stereo speaker impact and that’s pretty rare in this price range so I like it


Realme camera
Image Source - Google | Image by-Realme

another area where the realme 7 pro comes with upgrades is on the camera front so this is the quad-camera setup that you get and yeah it’s the same as the realme 7 with the same imx 682 primary sensors so that’s good but there’s one downgrade see unlike the realme 6 pro which had a telephoto lens the realme 7 pro does not come with a telephoto lens which is a little sad because a telephoto lens instead of the two 2 megapixel lenses would have made the setup better

anyway other than that I think the cameras here are pretty good but there is one issue that I’ll talk about so I’ve taken a lot of photos with 7 pro
realme 7 pro
realme 7 pro

so check them out now the daytime shots are well exposed there are good details and I also noticed some good dynamic range in some shots now it’s important to note that some shots do have saturated colors which is a little much especially when there’s a lot of trees or greenery but other than that I like the camera performance

now I obviously compared the cameras of the realme 7 pro to the poco x2 which has to be the best camera phone in this price range and the results were pretty interesting
poco x2
realme 7 pro
realme 7 pro

so in the daytime, I think the realme 7 pro and poco x 2 takes very good shots, and they’re similar when it comes to details and dynamic range, but they have their advantages and their issues so the realme 7 pro photos have better exposure and shadows as you can see but there’s the over-saturation problem I talked about earlier and the poco x2 photos have the more natural colors but sometimes it ups the contrast a bit too much which is not something I like so honestly it’s a very close call in the daytime

in low light, though I think the realme 7 pro is better I mean the only big issue is saturation at times but other than that the 7 Pro photos are sharper and nicer looking for example take a look at this comparison shot

Realme 7 Pro camera
Poco X2 camera

see how the poco x2 has kind of made things fuzzy in the background now check out this one now I take it the poco x2 shot is slightly brighter all around but look at the lights and if you zoom in on the tree notice the difference in sharpness and in details see like I said both these phones have the problems but they also take good photos’

the poco x2 is slightly better in the daytime and the realme 7 pro is better in low light well

anyway as for the other lenses the realme 7 pro’s ultra-wide-angle lens is good enough I mean there’s obviously a lack of details when compared to the main sensor but it retains the colors so that’s a good thing

when it comes to videos there’s 4k 30fps video support

now there are some cool camera features on the video front that I’ve used in Oppo phones in the past there’s ultra night video mode ai color portrait and the other color filters like sky blue forest green etc which are all very cool and there’s also portrait mode video aka bokeh video spot so these features are cool and something people will enjoy and I like the fact that some of them are available on the front camera too which by the way is a 32-megapixel sensor now and no there’s no ultra-wide-angle lens like the 6 pro which is a little bummer because I kind of like that

anyway so the selfie camera is good the details are very good so i like it plus the front camera too gets features like portrait video and ai color portrait so that’s good

look overall the camera experience on the realme 7 pro is good with the photos and videos that it captures looking good but the only issue is the over-saturation which kind of makes the photos and videos a little unnatural but like I said other than that it’s pretty good

battery and charging

now moving on to another upgrade and that’s on the battery and charging front so there’s a 4500 mAh battery compared to a 4300 mAh battery on the 6 pro so it’s a minor upgrade but the battery performance has been decent i mean the phone lasted me for around a day and a little more on most times with an average screen on time of five and a half hours which is decent nothing extraordinary but yeah it’s decent

anyway, the exciting upgrade here is the inclusion of a 65-watt supercharger I mean this is crazy this kind of a flagship feature and you’re getting it on a mid-range so that’s pretty exciting so this charger charges the phone to 50 in 13 minutes one three and it fully charges the phone from 10 to 100 percent in just 30 minutes yeah 30 it’s crazy fast

performance & storage

is now along with all those great upgrades the internals of the realme seven pro-remain the same as the 6 pro you get the same great snapdragon 720g chipset and I like the fact that the base storage version is 128 GB because you know the price is also higher anyway so we all know that the 720g is a solid performer and it’s pretty solid on the realme 7 pro

for a phone at this price I’d call the realme 7 pro a fast smartphone because the phone has been almost lag-free for me yep there was some stutter I had five percent battery but that’s kind of expected otherwise the phone was always fast and snappy even while gaming I played asphalt 9 and cod mobile and I got high graphics and there wasn’t any lag

also after an hour of cod, there was no heating or anything so the 720 g is pretty reliable on the 7 pro so it was overall a good experience


the only thing that kind of gave me mixed feelings is the realme UI I mean I like really uh it’s got all the features and on the realme seven pro it only has really me apps and apps like amazon facebook and WPS office pre-installed all of which can be uninstalled so it’s good but there were a few annoyances

so when I was first setting up this phone I obviously put all the apps that I used to install on the play store and after every installation, I used to get this full page prompt and yeah some with ads and that’s just super annoying I mean imagine getting these prompts 50 times while you’re setting up your brand new smartphone, yeah it can be crazy

also, I noticed a bug in the decent screen so see this you have the icons over the close all button I mean it’s not a big issue but it’s not nice either anyway other than that it was all fine and as for the ads I did not notice any except for in those prompts I mentioned see I’ll tell you what I still have a positive feeling towards this phone but yeah these issues are something that we should fix with an update


now when it comes to connectivity I tested this phone with an airtel sim a jio sim and a Vodafone sim and there weren’t any weird signal issues or connectivity issues or even volte issues so I think that’s pretty much ordered


so it’s time for the conclusion the realme 7 pro starts at rupees 19,999 in India and that’s two thousand more than what the realme 6 pro cost right now so yeah it’s obviously priced a little higher so the big question is should you pay more for the realme 7 pro should you buy this over say the poco x2 or the redmi note 9 pro max

well technically when compared to say the poco x2 you’re paying 1500 extra because the realme 7 pro’s base variant has 128 GB storage now I personally think that paying 1500 extra for the realme 7 pro makes sense I know this is not a perfect phone the cameras though good have the oversaturation issue they’re also the bugs and realme UI issues I talked about and yes the back is plastic

but you know what for the extra price of getting three big features the AMOLED display the stereo speakers and the crazy fast 65 watt charging these are the features that make me like the realme 7 pro even with its problems

so the verdict is if you want these big features I’d recommend you to go ahead and just get the Realme 7 Pro well that was my review of the realme 7 pro and I’d love to know your thoughts on the same so comment down below

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