Poco X2 Full Review
Pcoc x2 full review

Poco X2 Full Review

the poco x2 arrived recently and I’ve been using this phone as my daily driver for the last few days and well this is a poco X2 review but I’ll be answering the big question should you buy the brand new poco x2 now I will be answering this question at the end so read the post till the end


this phone is a little big and it’s also pretty hefty when compared to the likes to Realme X2 and this is also one of the most slipperiest phone I’ve ever used but I wouldn’t say that I have this slide using this one I think it’s fine I mean, to be honest I think the redmi note 8 pro or the realme x2 look better but yeah this design isn’t really a deal-breaker now one unique thing about this design is the side-mounted fingerprint scanner something that’s pretty rare but you know what I like it on the poco x2 might um naturally lands on the scanner and it’s fast so no problems at all it’s pretty seamless


another thing I like on the poco x2 is this display obviously the big highlight of the poco X2 the 120 HZ IPS LCD display now if I tell you frankly I would have preferred AMOLED instead of the IPS LCD but you know what this is a good display it’s as good as IPS LCDs get in this price range it’s decently bright outdoors it’s sharp and this is a punch hole which adds to the whole bezel s experience I mean sure the punch holes here aren’t as seamless as they on the Galaxy phones with AMOLED but it looks fine the slight bleeding problem I told you about is not a problem really

coming back to the display it is smooth as you’d expect miui11 has obviously been optimized for the 120 HZ display so the experience is definitely nice every time I use the poco x2 is displayed had this really nice smooth about it while I was scrolling or you know opening apps see the higher refresh rate is nice it’s definitely nice but it’s not something that phones like poco x2 truly taking full potential of I mean so the apps and games are logged at 60 Hz and there were times when I felt a little bit of a starter in animations when I was switching between say an MIUI app or a third-party app plus there’s the fact that not a lot of game support this high refresh rate I mean it’s clear that we are not really utilizing the 120 Hz display to the max

I did play Odyssey and shadow gun legends on the phone games that have 120HZ support and the experience was great but yeah it would have been very better had to say games like pubg mobile or COD had support from 120HZ display plus the 120hz refresh rate drains the battery a lot faster now

and I did say that I’ll be putting the 120 HZ IPS LCD vs 60 HZ AMOLED to test and well I did I played a YouTube video at 1080p on max brightness for an area on the poco x2 which is set to 120 Hz and the realme X2 and the battery drain was higher on the poco the poco x2 lost 16% of the battery while the realme x2 loss just 8% so the poco x2 120HZ has lost double the battery also while I was doing this test I noticed how colors looked a lot better in the realme x2 display yeah just AMOLED things any way I also played pubg mobile at HD high graphic settings for an hour on both these phones and again the poco x2 was set to 120 Hz and when again the battery drain was higher on the Poco x2 the poco x2 lost 21% battery was the realme x2 lost 13% so it’s a big difference and again the AMOLED display on the realme x2 looked a lot better


moving on to the speaker output the poco x2 single speaker is fairly loud and the quality is pretty good too there was a little bit of distortion at maximum volume but that’s what you get on most phones in this price range so I’d say it’s good enough


I’ve been extensively testing on the poco x2 are its quad cameras it’s a usual camera setup but the highlight has to be the new Sony imx686 64 megapixel sensor so I’ve been taking a lot of photos from the poco x2 as one thing for sure the 64-megapixel Sony sensor captures some impressive shots in good lighting they are two major points to notice the great details and the good color accuracy

I mean the dynamic range in some photos could have been better but other than that the photos in good light are really good in low light things are slightly less impressive I mean most photos are bright and fairly sharp and I’d he appreciate that but in some photos a little green in the darker parts which is kind of a bummer

overall I see the Poco x2 64 megapixel sensor is definitely better especially in the daytime with the poco x2 Trump’s realme x2 ends of the details and contrast comparisons aside when it comes to the ultra-wide-angle lens the photos do look cool with the distortion correction on point and the photos are sharp all across the details aren’t as good obviously and some photos don’t have the same nice colors at the main camera but I’d suggest enough

anyway also like the portrait mode of the poco x2 in most portrait mode shots I took the edge detection might not be perfect especially around the hair but other than that it was really good and the face smoothing that’s been a problem in Xiaomi phones is less prominence so I like it

since I am talking about the portrait mode I also deported more selfies from the phone because I wanted to see if the depth sensor on the front as well and turns out it does fairly well the portrait selfies have these the accurate edge detection and the face details are intact – so yeah I like the portrait mode of the poco x2 but I don’t like much is the macro lens which is I’d say fine I mean I don’t like the macro lens in most phones so I wasn’t really expecting anything from poco x2 so I guess it’s fine but not something I’d ever use

moving on the video the [email protected] videos from the poco x2 look good I mean the colors are a bit warm and there’s no oh is so stability is only decent dish but overall it’s good enough

now the poco x2 x2 does not have a super stable more like the realme x2 but it has this new vlog video which is a little gimmicky but a lot of fun so this mode has like eight presets with cool transitions and music to choose from and using these you can make videos

so overall the 64 megapixel Sony sensor on the poco x2 is really great I mean like any other budget smartphone the low-light performance is just decent but the good light performance is just freely played and it clearly beats the 64 megapixels Samsung sensor on the realme x2 plus all of the other cameras on the poco X2 to work fine so overall the cameras here are truly a winner


another area where the poco X2 is the winner is the performance I mean I’ve used Snapdragon 730G phones in the past and they’ve all performed really well so I was expecting the poco x2 to do well in day-to-day usage and do well it does I have been using this phone extensively and I can’t really have any problems with this performance now obviously talked about the animation stutter in 120 Hz at times but that’s not really lag and overall I played the performance on the poco x2 very good

even on the game in front the poco x2 handles all the popular games without any issues I’ve played a lot of pubg mobile on this phone and let me tell you there’s not been a hint of lag or stutter, not just pubg mobile I’ve also played some casual games on the phone and the other Cape is really smooth


moving on the software point there’s MIUI 11 based on Android 10 and the MIUI updated is something I like especially combined with the poco launcher but there are a few problems first of all these notifications are just annoying I have disabled them but I just hate seeing them

plus there’s the bloatware the poco x2 has Facebook, gaana, hello, Amazon, daily hunt and bunch of these games pre-installed yeah it’s annoying I remember when the poco f1 arrived it only had Facebook and some office apps pre-installed yeah this is a little frustrating and having said that I haven’t encountered any ads so far on the poco x2 which is definitely good news


now see there’s the battery the big 4500 mAh battery which I think is really good I mean when I started using this phone my primary router on the battery was when the phone last day with the screen set to 120hz Hz and you know what it does the Poco x2 just about managed to last me a day with the screen set to 120 Hertz and I got a screen on time of 5 and a half hours which i think is really good the battery performs even better when the screen is set to 60 Hertz and I got a screen on time of 7 hours which is just amazing

when it comes to charging the 27-watt charger that comes in the box with the poco x2 is really fast it charges the poco x2 from 10 to 50 percent in just 24 minutes and takes only 54 minutes to charge his phone from ten to hundred percent I mean this is a 4,500 mAh battery we’re talking about so this is some really fast-fast charging speed in comparison the realme x2 with the 4000 mAh battery takes 72 minutes to go from ten to hundred percent with its 30-watt warp charger so like we said in one of our post the watts don’t matter it’s the charging technology that matters


apart from that a lot of you guys wanted to know if the poco x2 supports voice over Wi-Fi and when it does support voice over Wi-Fi out of the box when it’s time now for the verdict should you buy the poco x2 well first let me get it out of the way that the poco x2 is not an unbeatable smartphone like the poco f1 I mean it definitely does not live up to the legacy of the poco f1 what with this being just a redmi k30 rebrand

anyway if you move past that which I did this is great value for money see the rupees 15999 is just a great price tag for a phone that has a high refresh rate display brings great performance very good cameras and fantastic battery life I mean it’s not perfect obviously it’s definitely AMOLED for me when it comes to 120 Hertz LCD or 60 Hertz AMOLED and the phone is a little big and bulky but if you’re all ok of that the poco x2 is a phone you should definitely buy but if you’re not okay with all of that the higher price realme x2 is still a good choice with AMOLED and a sleeker design well that was our review of the poco x2 but what do you think of this new smartphone tell us in the comment section below and I will see you in the next one

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