Oppo F17 Pro  | Full Specification, Review & Price in India
Oppo F17 Pro _ Full Specification, Review & Price in India

Oppo F17 Pro  | Full Specification, Review & Price in India

this is the new oppo f17 pro that oppo has been hyping up quite a bit so what’s new with the f17 pro what’s the hype all about well I’m gonna tell you everything so let’s start

this the good looking oppo f17 pro I mean I’ll tell you truly I was kind of expecting a beautiful looking smartphone because I’ve seen the promos and everything and it’s clear that there are two major highlights of the f17 pro the design and the cameras taking it one by one


the oppo f17 pro is indeed a very stylish looking phone especially with the matte glass finish and the pattern here and what really stands out is this striking blue color and a slight purple hue around the edges and I think it looks really good with the light falling on it

so this is a beautiful looking smartphone but what really impressed me about the oppo f17 pro is how compact and lightweight this is i mean most of the phones that I’ve used recently are close to 200 grams and on the other hand the oppo f17 pro is just very lightweight at 164 grams and you can just feel that because it’s also very sleek at just 7.4 millimeters thickness and yeah this is not an overtly huge phone so I like that

display & build

the display size is 6.4 inches and that means this is not a massive phone plus the display here is a super AMOLED panel with FHD plus resolution and it’s the usual 60hz panel but you all know my preferences AMOLED over a high refreshed IPS LCD any day and this is a good display it gets fairly bright it’s very vibrant and it has all the AMOLED features that we all like

there’s also the industry fingerprint scanner here which is very very fast and there’s also very fast face unlock via the front camera and I like the animation on the punch hole when the face unlock is in action surrounding up the design is the headphone jack the single speaker the USB c port the usual buttons and the dedicated dual sim plus micro sd slot


highlight number two is the cameras the F17 Pro comes with four cameras on the back a 48-megapixel primary camera an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a couple of mono lenses which are used for some really cool portrait mode features so I’ve only had the device for a few days and the photos from the main camera look pretty good especially when there’s a lot of light or simply when it’s daytime

I haven’t been able to take a lot of low light shots but so far things look decent same is the case with the ultra-wide-angle lens it does a good job but what actually makes the cameras interesting here are some of the features it borrows from the more high-end reno 4 pro there’s AI color portrait which captures the person in the frame in color while the rest of the background is black and white it’s very cool

there’s also the night flare portrait which is great for taking some really cool night portrait shots with lens flare effects in the background I tried it out and the results are pretty cool

another cool feature is AI clear portrait which uses AI to make sure that there are no missing details on the face so enabled AI clear portrait in the camera settings

now some of the really cool features are also present on the front so there are actually dual cameras here a 16-megapixel main camera and a 2-megapixel depth sensor and the depth sensor is actually useful because there’s the AI color portrait on the front as well and even here it works very well

apart from that the front camera also has AI super night portrait which promises to take better portrait selfies in the night in my time the results were mixed but in places like a restaurant or other slightly lit places that should work well

so the camera features are actually pretty cool but what about the rest of the phone let’s talk about that


so on the performance side of things the oppo f17 pro comes with the helio p95 chipset 8gb RAM and 128gb storage now the helio p95 isn’t exactly a new chipset or a chipset that can take on the competition

as for the usual day-to-day usage the phone does feel fast and snappy and as for gaming pubg mobile defaults to HD and high graphics and the gaming experience was fairly good in my brief usage

software & os

as for the software there’s coloros 7.2 on board on top of Android 10 and it has all the features you need including a couple of new features so there’s the new dark vault-app which lets you keep all your personal government ids in one safe place

there’s also a quick return bubble which lets you minimize apps and games and switch back to them pretty quickly as for the pre-installed apps there isn’t a lot they’re obviously the oppo apps and there’s Facebook amazon Netflix and WPS office all of which you can uninstall so that’s good


and when it comes to the battery the f17 pro has a 4000 mah battery with 30 watts super vooc charger that should charge the phone pretty quickly well already now like I said at the start the biggest usps of the oppo f17 pro are its design and its cameras and you know what in my brief usage of the phone I can tell you that on both those fronts the phone does pretty well

I mean as you can see the design is very sleek very lightweight and there’s no doubt that this looks and feels like a premium phone I like it on the camera front it has some very cool features that we have seen in high-end oppo phones and those features work great here as well

anyway what do you think of the new oppo f17 probe tell us in the comment section below

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