OnePlus NORD First Impressions
OnePlus Nord _First Impressions

OnePlus NORD First Impressions

after the oneplus x back in 2015 one plus has again into the mid-range smartphone segment with the new Oneplus Nord well this right here is the new one plus Nord and I know the reasoning behind the name the story but the Nord name still in a kind of seems a little weird to me but anyway that apart what’s new with the oneplus nord let’s talk about it

oneplus Nord, to be honest, this blue color does remind me of the iPhone 5c and the Lumia phones from the past but I like it this color makes the oneplus Nord look different anyway this is a Gorilla Glass 5 bag but unlike the one person 8 or previous one plus flagship this is in a matte glass finish its glossy but it’s not a fingerprint magnet and for a phone that is a mid-ranger this is a premium-looking design I’ll be honest with you it’s not as nice as say the flagship oneplus 8 it with its frosted glass design and that especially because the frame here seems to be plastic but apart from that this should be one of the more premium phones in its price segment

plus I like them in-hand feel to the phone because unlike a lot of phones these days it’s not massive like one plus other phones it’s narrow from the sides so it fits perfectly in my hands and it weighs around 185 grams which means it’s not hefty or bulky I think it’s just the right size

coming to the functionality the alert slider is here which is great there’s the USB C port and the single speaker on the bottom now one thing that’s not present here is the headphone jack I was secretly hoping for it because this is an affordable oneplus phone but it’s not here so sad about that

moving on to the front the oneplus Nord features a 6.4 inch AMOLED panel with 90 Hz refresh rate and it’s almost bezel-less and I like it it is what this bigger punch hole since there are two cameras here but apart from that the display here looks pretty nice I mean it’s to use a amelod with popping colors and thanks to 90 Hz the UI just seems very fluid including even the live wallpaper now I haven’t used it not extensively yet but I did notice that display might be a tad bit low on the brightness side I mean it’s not bad or anything but yeah I’ll be doing a brightness comparison in a full review just to be sure

on the front you get the in-display fingerprint scanner which is super fast and there’s also super fast face and lock so yeah you’re pretty sorted on the unlocking front

under the hood the oneplus Nord has been leaked so many times comes with the snapdragon 765G chipset with up to 12 GB lpddr4 X Ram and up to 256 GB of UFS 2.1 storage now the specs here are pretty good for a mid-ranger I mean we aren’t allowed to show you any benchmarks from the phone but we know that the 765G is a capable chipset and it’s better than 730 or 720 G having said that it’s no match to the 865 or even the snapdragon 855 plus so we’ll see how it compares to other phones in a full review

as far pubg mobile the phone supports HD and high graphics which is a little strange because I was expecting HDR ultra spot-on the soft in front of oneplus Nord comes with oxygen OS 10.5 on top of Android 10 and it’s the clean bloat-free oxygen OS experience that everyone really likes there’s one change though instead of one plus phone and messages apps you get Google’s phone and messages app

I’m not sure why this change but it does not really happen the experience so that’s fine after the issues there’s still no scheduled dark mode there’s no dark mode toggle I know the dark mode toggle has arrived in the beta oxygen OS builds but it’s still not here in the stable version and I was kind of hoping for that with the oneplus Nord but yeah that’s not there apart from that oxygen OS is a clean and nice experience so no complaints

moving on to the cameras the Nord brings the same camera setup as the one plus eight which is great really you get the 48 megapixels Sony IMX 586 sensor and 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens a 5-megapixel depth sensor and a 2-megapixel macro lens and you get all the features you expect from the camera app in oneplus phone there is one thing missing though and that’s 4k at 60fps video recording support

the front cameras are interesting too I said cameras because you get a 32 megapixels sony imx616 sensor and an 8-megapixel 105-degree ultra-wide sensor I have been encouraging ultra wide-angle sensors on the front and I really liked it on the realme 6 Pro and I liked it here so yeah I’m gonna test it out extensively in the next few days lots of selfies for me

now surprisingly the oneplus Nord front camera supports 4k60fps video recording while the rear camera does not how strange is that

lastly there’s the battery the phone comes with a fairly good 4115mah battery and I really like the fact that there’s 30-watt warp charge they are the same charger that you get with the oneplus 8 and 8 Pro

oneplus Nord brings a lot of promise with it see I like the design the display is AMOLED 90 Hz the cameras are the same as a one plus 8 and you get dual selfie cameras the Android experience is arguably the best you can get and there’s warp charge with a decent battery size so like I said promising but there’s a lot to test ranging from the 765G to the battery life so if you’re planning to buy the oneplus Nord I’d suggest you to wait for our full review because it’s coming soon

well those are my thoughts on the new oneplus and make sure to comment down any questions that you have on the phone

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