One Plus 8 Pro review
One Plus 8 Pro Full Review

One Plus 8 Pro review

OnePlus flagships have generally been greeted performance but I’ve traditionally had a few certain omissions that stop them from being a top-tier fluxional what happens when OnePlus decides to share their flagship killer image and instead go all out well the OnePlus 8 Pro is what happens so how does it fail I’ve used it as my primary smartphone for a little over a week and in this post, I’m gonna take you through the pros cons and everything else you need to know about the OnePlus 8 Pro

IP rating wireless charge

oneplus have included a lot of nice to have the Oneplus 8 Pro things that they’ve emitted in the past like official dust and water resistance in the form of an ip68 rating wireless charging and I’m talking about wireless charging one plus is usual line was it’s not fast enough and that’s why we skipped it now they’ve not really gone back on their word they’ve spent the time and effort to get fast enough wireless charging before actually including it in their flagship product this is proprietary charging technology work charge 30 Wireless if you have a regular charger that 8 pro will still charge wirelessly but slower and if you do buy this charger you can charge other phones that support wireless charging suppose the chiz standard but again it’s not gonna be quite as fast, by the way, there’s also reverse wireless charging to help charge airports and the ilk


now one area where a nice-to-have has actually been taken away from us it’s gotta be with the display now don’t get me wrong this display has a lot going for it it’s one of the most color-accurate panels out there today it’s got a Quad HD Plus resolution – it’s sharp it also happens to be quite large at 6.78 inches it’s very bright so outdoor use wasn’t an issue the refresh rate as a solid 120 Hz with 240 Hz touch sampling

now here’s the kicker unlike say the S20 series you can run this display at quad HD plus and 120 Hz at the same time so what’s the downside last year 7pro it had a popup camera meaning it was all screen free of any kind of interruption this year no one place has opted to go with a punch hole to the top left I kind of understand why they had to do it given the ip68 certification and all that but this AMOLED panel it still looks great but I just can’t help feeling it’s a minor step back

front camra

now talking about that punch hole and the selfie camera that’s in it the mechanism it’s changed from last year but the sensor itself it’s not it’s still that 16 megapixel IMX471 it’s paired with an f2 lens OnePlus has not used this exact setup for three generations of phones the 7,7T and of the 8 that said it’s still a good sense of though the detail the skin tones there okay

now one thing worth noting is that the video output via the selfie camera is capped at 1080p it is a minor thing it is nitpicking but then again we are not comparing OnePlus flagships with the iPhones and the S20 of the world so when they can do 4k and this cannot I feel it’s something worth mentioning

curved adges

next the curved edges whether its palm rejection issues or the reflections it causes it is something that a fair few are in fans of especially given that even Samsung has switched back to flat panels me personally I don’t mind it, in fact, I actually like how premium it makes the display look that infinity look if I’m gonna pick a line from Samsung’s marketing now

anywheywe did have some blag crush issues that I mean, not us personally but these are being reported under low light the display starts looking a bit weird some people have experienced it my unit doesn’t have it but it is something to keep in mind though you have to make this better OnePlus EV recently capped the lowest brightness setting so it doesn’t go as low as say the seventh Rose panel can this issues something oneplus seems to be working on so maybe future updates can get us the lower brightness levels back without the black Rocha issue but at this point, this isn’t something we can say for sure

talking about low light there is another issue even when you dim the brightness as much as possible the screen still gets extremely bright and the when you scan your fingerprint yes I do understand optical scanners need the light but if other brands are making it work without the display having to blind us I suppose oneplus should also be able to do it

now finally that’s the lack of a true always-on functionality here this isn’t something I actually use a lot so I’m okay with it not being there I’m okay with one plus intermittent implementation but then again if that is something you’re looking for do keep this in mind

now apart from these minor cons and yes they are minor cons the display it is quite a pleasure to use quad HD plus 120 Hz there are no performance issues given that we have a snapdragon 865 under the hood everything here it feels fluid the media experience is also excellent thanks to that you will speak a set up

and while we are talking about audio let’s also talk about the cellular reception and call quality those kinds of things first there is 5g support it’s not really useful in India but hey it is their second cell reception call quality they were great and in the face more than my usual share of dropped calls I mean that has more to do with where I lived on the phones I test there are a few areas in my house and my studio where I do get reception properly and that is basically what happens with almost all phones I test and the oneplus a pro was no different

headphone jack

now there is no headphone jack which is something we’ve come to expect from flagships these days but I don’t know your phones included in the box or even a dongle for that matter with oneplus wanting to go full-on flagship take on Apple and Samsung I’m surprised they didn’t add a pair of type-c bullets in the box maybe next time I don’t know so what do you think should oneplus have actually added type C bullets in the box already feel it’s ok not having your phone’s in the box or maybe you feel oneplus should probably do what Apple is expected to do with their next release and cut out the charger let me know whatever your thoughts are in the comments

and I’m jokes apart the user experience it is right up there with the best iPhone to the bests to any serious phones are now some might even say this experience is better since the oneplus 8 Pro has one of the snappiest interfaces in oxygen OS one person like the competition is not afraid to let its interface resemble stock, in fact, this time they’ve even switch self out with Google feed I mean if you like shelf you can always switch it back on but it’s Google by default a lot of things in oxygen OS are the way Google meant it to be the additions like the Zend mode to take a break from everything

or the dark mode or the live wallpaper change is based on weather conditions these are all nice touches that don’t wait on the info interface as always I also really like the alert slider when I’m using OnePlus phone it happens to be very convenient


now talking about things is like the frosted glass finish to the back it looks excellent now generally glass bills they look premium they feel premium but they have two major caveat one they are slippery which the 8pro most definitely is now number two glass packs are usually fingerprint magnets but that’s not the case here with the OnePlus pro the matte finish it doesn’t pick up fingerprints or smudges square area quite as easily

, by the way, this is gorilla glass 5 to the back and 6 to the front now some of you were asking me if the phone’s weight distribution was of the answer is no it’s pretty evenly distributed neither talk nor bottom-heavy that’s it you’re gonna has trouble using this phone single-handed given the large display at sports you’re gonna have to resort to using both hands more often than not


now one hand or two however you’re gonna use it you’re gonna definitely enjoy the user experience and it’s not just you know oxygen OS the hardware underneath is also right up there with the best flagships around it’s the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship chip that’s coupled with 8 or 12 gigs of LPDDR5 RAM 128 or 256 gigs of EFS 3.0 storage


the battery capacity is also a very respectable 4510 mAh in my 10 hours or so days using this at 120 Hz at quad HD nonetheless I never had to plug in the phone before the end of my day and I’m sure most of you aren’t gonna have to either, of course, the battery life here is even better if you dial down either the resolution or the refresh rate when it comes time to charge the 8pro whether it’s wire or wireless yes it’s warp charge either way so rapid fast there’s now everything we’ve seen so far and these are things we’ve come to expect from our oneplus flagship yes this year we have a few nice to have but you get what I’m saying these are all things that we take for granted with one plus now the one area where oneplus usually lags behind the competition the big boys is with optics now this third change with an 8 pro well yes and no


ok let me explain myself here we have four cameras the primary is Sony’s new iMX689 of 48-megapixel sensor paired with an optically stabilized F 1.8 lens and a good light the images they come across create the dynamic range is also right up there with the best the included night mode that also works great the sense of being quite large and the F 1.8 aperture the optical stabilization they also help

the second sensor is an 8-megapixel telephoto technically it’s 12 megapixels with 2x zoom but one plus crops and calls it 3x hybrid zoom and markets it as an 8-megapixel sensor this again has a stabilized lens f 2.4 the colors they do seem a little muted in comparison to the primary but from a detail perspective it’s good

the wide-angle and that was the surprise oneplus has chosen to go with the primary sensor from the last-gen OnePlus 7TPro the iMX 586 it’s paired with the F 2.20 here the colors and dynamic range are pretty close to the primary

this sensor also helps shoot macro beautiful shot, in fact, I like this implementation more than a lot of dedicated macro options the final sensor is a color filter this is what gave the 8 pro its x-ray vision capabilities but that has sadly been removed by one plus now

as for video we get up to 4k at 60fps and the footage is excellent there’s a super stable mode too so everything I’ve been saying so far has been predominantly positive right so why did I say this was usually lag behind the competition the big voice s with optics now the star change with 8pro well yes and no because that’s because well this is the closest one plus have come to talk to your cameras it still feels a little lacking a little behind but then again do you know what else the a pro is a little behind on in fact a lot behind on the price you know the galaxy 20 plus starts at seventy four thousand rupees the iPhone 11 pro max 1 lakh 7000 rupees the oneplus 8 Pro it costs roughly half of that at 55 thousand rupees now in markets like the United States where the 8 pro costs $900 compared to the 11 Pro Max and the s20 plus as price tags 1,100 and 1,200 respectively the price difference here it’s much higher and given that most of the 8 Pro is right up there with the other flagships despite one places you’re on your price hike I feel this happens to be a good deal now given the Indochina border issues whether you want to buy Chinese hardware or not that is something I’m going to let you decide but if you are looking to buy a phone from a Chinese brand if you’re ok buying oneplus then the 8 Pro is well worth the asking price is

what I’m saying so that’s my two cents on the 8 Pro now I want to know what you think to leave a comment down below

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