Moto G9 | Full Specification, Review & Price In India

Moto G9 | Full Specification, Review & Price In India

the Moto G series has been kind of iconic in the past and of late it’s been a mixed bag so does the Moto G9 change that well what are you waiting for let’s take a look at the new Moto G9

so this is the Moto G9 and like most Moto phones offline this is quite a usual looking smartphone but that’s not a bad thing in this price range okay so what I like is I like the vibrant blue color of the back here and the phone does feel solid in the hands it’s not a sleek or very lightweight phone at 9.3 millimeters thickness and 200 grams weight

and while it does feel big I wouldn’t say it’s hefty so it’s a plastic back and as you can see there’s also the fingerprint scanner here with the Moto logo and the fingerprint scanner is quite fast so no problems there

apart from that you get the usual buttons including a dedicated google assistant button the headphone jack the USB c port the single speaker and the dual sim plus micro sd slot the front is pretty usual too there’s the teardrop notch at the top and there’s quite a big chain at the bottom

as for the display it’s a 6.5-inch IPS TFT LCD display but the problem I have with this display is the resolution this is a 720p pan now, to be honest, I’ve used this phone briefly and the display looks okayish the 720p resolution is visible the viewing angles aren’t that good too I know it’s a budget smartphone but this is kind of a big compromise and yeah a better 1080p panel would have made more sense especially at the price tag of 11k

plus there’s no mention of Gorilla glass or any other screen protections so yeah keep that screen protector on now one of the new things on the Moto G9 is the new chipset onboard the Moto G9 comes with the new snapdragon 662 chipsets with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage now i know you want to know about the snapdragon 662 because this is the new chipset Qualcomm unveiled in January

but to be honest the snapdragon 662 isn’t a whole lot different from the snapdragon 665 here’s a comparison so both of these chipsets are 11-nanometer chipsets and both these have the same CPU and GPU the kryo 260 and the Adreno 610 now when it comes to the modem through the 665 actually has the better x12 lte mod, however, one area with the snapdragon 662 actually betters the 665 is the isp the snapdragon 662 has the newest spectra 340 tsp which is close to what you see in the snapdragon 700 series chipsets

now apart from that the snapdragon 662 also has the Bluetooth 5.1 and wi-fi 6 support but that really does not matter here because strangely the Moto G9 does not support any of those standards so like I said it’s clear that the 662 is very close to the 665 and the benchmarks again show up

well here are the geekbench scores and as you can see both these chipsets are very close same is the case in 3g bench now as for the competition here the benchmark scores compared to the helio g80 chipset and yeah the g80 is better here now there are also phones with the more powerful MediaTek G90t as well in the same price range so Moto G9 snapdragon 662 isn’t exactly a competition beat

but yeah benchmark scores aren’t everything so I’m gonna reserve my judgment for now as for the usual tasks the phone does feel snappy so far and when it comes to gaming pubg mobile defaults to pretty average smooth and medium graphics and at this end, the gameplay was decent enough although I only played a couple of sessions

now the hardware aside the one thing that I truly like about the Moto G9 is the software experience onboard see the phone comes with absolute stock android experience onboard it’s android 10 and buying the Moto app which is actually pretty useful and brings some really great features there’s no other third party app whatsoever no bloatware no ads it’s a very clean and fluid experience and I think this is one of the main reasons why people would actually be interested in this smartphone

now since I’m talking about the things I like about the Moto G9 there’s also the battery well I’m talking about a 5000 mah battery and that means the battery life should be good compared with the power-efficient Snapdragon chipset and obviously stock android but what i also like is that the phone comes with a 20-watt turbocharger which is a slight upgrade from the 18-watt charger that we have seen in Moto phones

moving on to the cameras the Moto G9 has a triple camera setup on the back so you get a 48-megapixel main camera a 2-megapixel macro lens and a 2-megapixel depth sensor yeah that’s pretty much it now the main camera here seems promising

so the main camera seems fine but instead of the two 2 megapixel lenses Moto could have added an ultra-wide-angle lens right I mean the Moto g8 had an ultra-wide-angle lens so I’m not sure what Moto was thinking here well that was pretty much all about the new Moto G9 and you know what when smartphone makers compromise on one aspect of a smartphone they generally try and make up in other aspects but the problem with the Moto G9 is that there are compromises almost everywhere

I mean the display is a compromise a 720p panel in this price does not make sense and there’s no screen protection there’s a compromise on the camera front with unnecessary 2-megapixel lenses and no ultra-wide-angle lens plus the snapdragon 662 which Moto has been hyping up is just fine and not something that can actually beat the competition see the Moto one fusion plus wasn’t perfect but it was a good phone and I was excited for the Moto G9 because the software experience is amazing it’s clean and nice but yeah all the compromises I just talked about kind of killed my excitement

look it’s still very early days but yeah the Moto G9 at rupees 11 499 seems like a phone that could have been a whole lot more anyway what do you think of the Moto G9 at this price tell us in the comment section below

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