JioMeet vs ZOOM: which is better

JioMeet vs ZOOM: which is betterJioMeet vs ZOOM: which is better

okay so reliance recently launched JioMeet which not only look exactly similar to zoom but it’s also available on Windows Mac Android iOS and web now before you pack your bags and say goodbye to zoom or Google meat the question has to be asked how good is JioMeet and more importantly how does it compare with the alternatives like Google meet or zoom

jio meet is basically zoom but in the beta stage with the potential to be even better let’s see how now before we begin let’s quickly see how to start a JioMeet

1)so to start a meeting you need to sign up with your name first and last
2)and then the phone number
3)and then you have to enter the OTP or use your email to verify
4) now tap on the new meeting option on the home screen
5)and then select whether you want to keep the video on or off and generate a personal meeting ID
6)by default its turn off but it’s better to enable this for privacy and then click on start meeting

then that’s pretty much it now to invite participants to click on the participant option at the bottom and then tap on the invite now you can choose to mute or unmute the participants when they join and then copy the invite link and send it on slack Gmail WhatsApp or whatever that works for you

okay now that we understand the basics of JioMeet let’s come back to our statement and it has two important parts

1) JioMeet it is basically zoom but in the beta stage
2) with the potential to be even better

now let’s start with the first part the similarities between JioMeet and zoom well first off is the interface the mobile interface looks exactly the same UI and save feature here take a look similar to zoom it has the same option to create a meeting invite people it even has a waiting room like zoom you can even schedule a meeting and share the meeting code in advance with the participants even that desktop app looks the same

next up similar to zoom zoom it can also be used for both one-on-one meeting or group video call conference hosting up to hundreds of participants at the same time also similar to zoom in JioMeet you will be able to join a meeting without signing up yes you don’t need an account to join a geo meeting however to host a meeting you will need to create an account and login

and finally just like zoom meet is also available on Windows Mac Android iOS and even on the web though there is no support for Linux yet which zoom has so yeah JioMeet is basically zoom but his reason we said it’s in the beta stage so the first reason is the audio issue like when you join the meeting the audio goes shot if you are on Bluetooth so I have to switch to the speaker then turn off the Bluetooth connect back and then again to the headset good luck figuring that out at times it just go black so that stops and yeah if you mistakenly tap or pinch on the picture it goes super zoom in and the final issue is with the web version it simply doesn’t work this may be due to the first day of launch and high load on the server but as of now it simply doesn’t work for us

and this brings us to the third part while JioMeet can be even better than zoom so the number one reason I like Jio meet over zoom is, of course, it’s made in India, in fact, it has 100K downloads just on the first day and the rating of 4.6 on Play Store and the place I find Jio meet better than the zoom is unlike Google meat and zoom where there is a time limit of around 40 minutes you don’t have any time limit for the free meetings, in fact, a meeting on JioMeet can go as long as 24 hours without any interruption that’s pretty dope

another reason I prefer JioMeet over zoom is security and privacy option so you might remember zoom bomb being a common privacy issue on soon well on jio meet each and every meeting hosted is password protected by default so only the people you want to join the meeting will be able to do so and finally the calls are also encrypted so the people on the network can’t just sniff around but whether it’s Intuit encrypted well they haven’t answered that yet overall before we boycott Chinese products it’s important to have good Indian alternative and reliance it exactly that with JioMeet it not only has Pretty much all the useful features of zoom but it even delivers more like no time limit for video calls and better security

yes it does has its fair share of problems like audio and video issues but since it’s an early version we can let it slide and hope the trail lines we’ll be able to fix it in the near future

that’s it do let me know what are your thoughts in the comment section below and I will see you in the next one

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