Best Phone Under 30000 (after GST)

Best Phone Under 30000 (after GST)Best Phone Under 30000 (after GST)

let’s take a look at the best phones that are currently available under 30000 rupees price bracket since her budget here is up to 30,000 rupees that give us a lot of flexibility we can take a look at some of the new mid-rangers from the likes of redmi or realme or we can take a look at some of the older flagships and yes we have heard you guys all these older flagships are from non-Chinese companies

samsung glaxy s9 and s9+

Samsung’s flagship devices from 2018 are now available in the 30K price bracket while the Galaxy S9 is available at around 25000 rupees its eldest sibling the galaxy s9 plus I was around the 30 to 31 thousand rupee mark if you want to get your hands on a premium Samsung phone and what some reason weren’t really able to cash in on the brilliant A80 D from Flipkart a few days back now is your chance to get your hands on some older Samsung flagships

the Builder design has held up really well we even have ip68 rating here and honestly the pronounced curve to the screens makes it feel even more premium than this year’s flagship s20 lineup a listen to my eyes as for the internals we have the Exynos 9810 inside both phones this flagship chip from 2018 should still offer a pretty fluid experience especially since it only has to push a 60 Hz screen yes we do miss out on higher refresh rate screens here well those qhd+ AMOLED panels are the best that we can find on any phone in this range

the 12-megapixel rear camera still take good-looking photos but do lack the flexibility that a modern quad-camera setup provides but if you are someone who doesn’t really shoot all that many ultra-wide pictures and you’re okay with middle-of-the-road battery lights and the s9 and s9+ are pretty good pickups for the price

asus 6Z

next on the list is the Asus 6z it was one of the kookiest flagships to have come out in a long time it’s boarded a swiveling camera set up and I got some really interesting video capture capabilities of course when it came out last year most people prefer the oneplus 7 over the 6Z but now that the price of the 6z around 28,000 rupees it means a lot of sense with the 6GB had a snapdragon 855 processor a 6.4 inch full HD Plus display and a pretty big five thousand mAh battery not to forget those 48-megapixel selfies

pixel 3a

now that Google skipping over the 4 generation pixels here in India and pixel 3 and 3xl becoming scarce the pixel 3 a becomes a fairly viable option for those looking to buy under the pixel experience for the first time at just a shade over 30000 rupees the pixel 3a might not offer top-of-the-line hardware like our other two contenders but it does bring with it Google’s amazing photography prowess this means that even as someone who doesn’t bother fiddling around with lenses and just once the best shot on auto mode the pixel 3 is the best camera phone available in this price range

weighing in at just 141 grams with a 5.6-inch screen onboard the pixel 3 is pretty small and pocketable to the snapdragon 670 processor isn’t gonna win any benchmark competitions but combined with bone stock Android the performance here especially for day-to-day tasks it’s nothing to scoff at

iphone 7

now we can’t mention small phones and not give a shout-out to the iPhone 7 yes it’s a phone from 2016 and yes that means it’s four years old at this point but hey if you really want an iPhone in this price range the iPhone 7 is pretty much the only choice it comes with the 80 infusion chip and while it originally came with iOS 10 onboard Apple has a brilliant track record of supporting older devices and the iPhone 7 should be good for update still iOS 15 at least that’s a lot more than what we can say with confidence for the upgrade parts of many of the other phones mention in here

ok so now that we have run through a list of older flagship devices time now to take a look at some of the mid ranges that dominate the now this is not me promoting Chinese phone guys it just happens to be that these devices are the most value for money phones that you can buy in the under 30k price range

realme x2 pro

realme x2 pro might just be the best bang for the buck phone to buy in this price range it’s got everything from a 90 Hz AMOLED panel to last year’s flagship 855 plus processor not to mention the superfast 50-watt charger

and a quad-camera module that holds a pretty well overall a very well-rounded phone that does everything and does it well we also get dual front-firing speakers it’s pretty rare in this price range with a 3.5 mm headphone jack added into the mix

realme x3 super zoom

next up we have the realme x3 super zoom now as we know the x3 superzoom does have a few advantages over the x2 pro first up is the higher 120Hz refresh rate IPS LCD panel that combined with the snapdragon 855 plus processor inside the xt superzoom makes this a gamers delight<>/p>

it also comes with that periscope telephoto camera that can take pictures at 5X, 10x and up to 60X magnification and yes this 8-megapixel snapper does come with optical image stabilization as well the realme X3 series also comes with a slew of new camera focus features but these aren’t just exclusive to the extra super zoom we get most of them in the regular x3 as well

realme x3

speaking of realme x3 also deserves a special mention in this list it carries forward much of what makes the x3 superzoom such a powerful mid-Ranger so we have the same 120 Hz IPS panel the same 855 plus chipset

and they even share a similar quad-camera rate on the back the only change here is that we get a 12-megapixel telephoto camera that can only do up to 3x optical zoom instead of the 5x on the superzoom other than that we also get a downgrade in terms of selfies we still have a dual camera set up inside the pill-shaped cut out to the top left and the 8-megapixel ultra-wide snapper is still there to the primary though is now 16 instead of 32 megapixels that being said the x3 is a whole three thousand rupees cheaper than the x3 superzoom and that in my mind makes it a much more interesting offering for someone looking to get a taste of the flagship experience under 25,000 rupees

redmi k20 pro

and finally wrapping up this list we have the redmi k20 Pro the reason why it’s here is that the K20 pro brings something unique and completely different to the table no notches no punch holes just an uninterrupted 6.39 inch AMOLED panel it’s one of the best implementations of the Full view display and the pop-up camera especially for the segment

as for the rest we have the Snapdragon 855 processor from last year along with the four thousand mah battery and a 27-watt fast charger we even have a triple camera setup consisting of a 14-megapixel primary 8-megapixel telephoto and 13-megapixel ultra-wide so overall on top of the line internals that is still worth it even now in 2020 and with that we’ll come to the end of this post

hope you guys enjoyed our picks for the top phones in the 30k-price segment agree or disagree with our list let us know how you feel by leaving a comment down below

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