Android 11 First Impressions
Android 11 First Impressions

Android 11 First Impressions

hey guys as a lot of you might already know Google recently released the Android 11 public beta and I wanted to try out this public beta because it looked close to stable anyway I’ve been trying out the Android 11 public beta on this pixel 4 so here are my first impressions

gesture navigation

so first of the gesture navigation and what has been trying to get gestures right since Android Pie and it has consistently failed at implementing them very well with Android 11 the gesture system here is remarkably better than before it’s very much like the iOS gestures but the hamburger menu issue is still here and that’s annoying I don’t know why Google isn’t able to solve this problem but it’s just irritating to me maybe with Android 12 I don’t know plus I don’t know what’s the reason but android 11 gesture implementation is just not as smooth as iOS is

notification panel

Android 11 brings changes to the notification panel no surprises there because this is something Android does every year now I didn’t really have any problems with notifications on Android 10 but this year this is definitely better for when I like the conversation grouping it’s no secret that iOS still sucks our grouping notifications and what is clearly leagues ahead in this regard conversations being grouped together makes it easier to find the more important notifications that are pretty good

new media controls

there’s also the new media controls in quick settings now look I don’t know if I love this or hate this but it’s definitely handy it looks like this and expands out to give more controls to you that’s nice plus it also has a handy way of switching output devices for the audio I don’t really have any complaints about this if anything iOS has made me want to have the option to switch output devices quickly on my phones so I’m actually glad this is here

you do have to enable this from within developer settings by the way and then reboot your device but yeah it’s there

native screen recorder

there’s an eighth a screen recording here now which is great I mean I use the screen recorder on my iPhone a lot for recording random Pubg moments and I have never really liked third party options android has offered this is a native screen recorder android 11 so that’s great

I just hope they don’t remove it again as they did with Android 10 the only thing that I don’t like about Android 11 screen recorder is that it can’t record internal audio that’s silly I can’t record pubg mobile without the game audio that just looks bored well here’s hoping Google ads internal audio recording to Android 11 before its final release because otherwise, it won’t make a lot of sense

dark theme

Android 11 also brings a scheduled dark mode finally third-party skins have had this feature for a long time and it’s something I use on iOS I have dark mode scheduled to switch on automatically on sunset and turn off automatically at sunrise with Android 11 I can do that on my pixel as well so that’s really nice for me

I know this is probably an unpopular opinion but I don’t like using dark mode in the day it just feels weird and uninteresting to me at night I prefer using the dark mode because it doesn’t put a strain on my eyes so yeah schedule dark mode is a godsend for me

redesigned power menu

moving on Android 11 also brings a redesigned power menu, yeah this one with the home controls in the power menu as well so I can turn my lights on or off and more without having to launch the Google assistant now this is something I could have done with my iPhone using the home app if any of my devices were home kit compatible so I don’t really have a frame of reference here but this does look pretty useful

privacy improvements

the privacy improvements in Android 11 this is a pretty big deal because Android has gotten this reputation for poor user privacy but Android 11 is taking some big steps here you can now give apps one-time permissions which is pretty useful plus I also really like the new feature that automatically removes permissions from apps you haven’t used in a long time these are all really nice features to have an Android especially for users who don’t spend a lot of time tweaking their settings and app permission

the one-time permission feature is already present in iOS but man I want this other feature on my iPhone as well speaking of things that ios. also has the recent apps screen and Android level has improved quite a bit it no longer shows the app dock at the bottom but I actually like it this way

select button

the select button makes it really easy to select text from within apps I would love to have this on my iPhone to copy-paste text without having to completely switch between apps all the time

screenshot button

the screenshot button is also new here I don’t have anything to say about it though I mean it’s a screenshot great

apart from these major features Android 11 brings a lot of other changes and improvements as well you can now once again pin apps in the share sheet which is something I think is really awesome

a similar feature is there now us as well so I don’t feel like I’m really missing out on this that’s it iOS s share sheet pops up much faster than this one so there’s that there’s also an option in developer options to display the refresh rate of your screen

and there’s a new clock option in the pixel launcher them settings which will soon let you change the clock design for your always-on display right now there’s only one option here the default one but more should be added over time

I don’t know how much I want customization options for always-on display but I do want to go to your iPhones Apple probably won’t do it anyway all things said and done here’s

what I think about Android 11 I like the new features it brings I like the notification changes the home control in the power menu privacy centric features and the other changes having said that I would pick iOS as gesture implementation over Android 11th any dip the native screen recorder not having internal audio recording is weird and the much rumored airdrop like feature isn’t lighted to be honest there is no denying that Android is extremely features there’s just so much to do in this operating system that it’s quite impressive and even though this is still a beta it’s really smooth and works almost flawlessly so my Android 11 experience has been positive coming from an iPhone but like I said some of the things need a little fixing overall I like it so far and things should only get better with new updates so good job Google I only hope I owe as 14 also brings a ton of new features and not a lot of bugs but that’s content for another video so what do you guys think about Android 11 let us know in the comments

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