Alt Z life Privacy Features
Alt Z life Privacy Features

Alt Z life Privacy Features

the smartphones that we use are something very personal to us and every time we hand over our phone to someone else there’s a lot of anxiety I mean on our phones there are photos that we don’t want everyone to see there are apps that are very personal to us and obviously there are important documents that we want to keep secure

so we all sort of need a folder where you can keep all of these photos apps documents etc and not worry about anyone else coming across them now Samsung already has had a feature for this called secure folder but what Samsung has done now is that it has made it even better and more accessible

Samsung’s new feature is called Alt Z life and they’re basically two features to it first quick switch and second content suggestions

talking about quick switch the reason Samsung has named this whole system Alt Z life is because on windows you can quickly switch between different windows using Alt-tab and on Samsung phones, you’ll be able to quickly switch between your public space and your private space using the Alt Z life quick switch feature and by just double-clicking the power button

so basically what this does is it lets you keep two instances of the same app so you can have a private version and a public version of the same app and you can just switch between them with a double click

let me give you a personal example so almost all of the modern-day shows are 18+ so say I’m watching the new trailer boys on the private youtube app and if you watch the show you’d know that the show is super violent even the trailer is violent or you know diabolical

anyway now say my mom or my dad sneaks up on me I wouldn’t want them to see all this gore so I can just double click and I’m in a youtube app watching a very very sanskari video yeah this is quite smooth

anyway if you’re wondering setting up quick switch is pretty easy so in the secure folder app I can just go to the settings and there’s this option called quick switch right well this is it I can just set the side key to quickly switch to the secure folder or secure app

also I can add the different apps here so that I can use them privately there’s even a play store here so apps you install here won’t show up in the public space which is also pretty handy so that was quick switch

coming to the second Alt Z life feature content suggestions which are also very very handy now let me explain with a personal example see whenever I give my phone to my family or my friends to you know to show them a couple of photos they always kind of get carried away and you know swipe a lot more scroll a lot more than I want them to

I mean there are photos and videos and people that I don’t want them to see so for this in the secure folder there’s this new app called content suggestions and this basically detects all the photos that we generally deem personal and something we might want to hide

it is suggesting me to move to the private gallery and I can just select all and just move them another thing I like is I can also select a person whose photos I want to move to the private gallery so I can just select the person and the AI will suggest me all the photos of that person which is pretty handy

so basically now I have two gallery apps with private and public photos and my friends can now swipe and scroll all the way on let’s say you’re in a situation where you know the photos you’ll be taking will be personal well you can just double click and access the private camera app instead of the usual camera app the photos you click from this private camera app automatically go to the private gallery so that’s great

now let me give you a couple of more practical examples of where you can use the Alt Z life features so with this you can have dating apps like tinder in the secure space so say you’re using tinder and someone from your family just comes up you can just double click and it’ll take you to the home screen since tinder is not installed on the public space nice

a use case I personally find interesting is that I can keep my private tabs on chrome in the private space so say I’m reading something controversial well I can just switch to the public room when someone comes and this way my personal tabs are open in the private space and I can just continue where I left off

so it’s clear that the Alt Z life feature has a lot of use I mean you can keep two WhatsApp accounts save your personal data and documents like say your ids your bank statements your banking apps all in the secure folder so that nobody else can have access to them I also like the fact that you can choose to lock the secure folder with fingerprints or any of the multiple authentication methods

also you can choose to automatically lock the folder immediately so that no one else can double click and access your private apps you can even hide the secure folder icon from the public app screen so all in all the new Alt Z life features including quick switch and content suggestions are just super handy

now coming to the important question which phones are getting this cool new Alt Z life feature well right now this is only for the A-series phones and it will arrive as an update on the galaxy a51 and the galaxy a71

plus the update that brings the Alt Z life features to the a51 and a71 will also include some flagship camera features like single take which takes multiple stylized photos the ability to switch between the front and the rear cameras while recording video night hyperlapse custom filters and a lot more so this is quite an interesting update

see overall in my brief usage of the Alt Z life I have found it to be quite interesting and I can see a lot of people using it to keep the public and the private space separate anyway what do you think of these new features tell us in the comment section below

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